Friday, January 21, 2022

Pranjal Mehar

Pranjal Mehar is a senior editor at Tech Explorist. She likes to write and read fine pieces of written works. Her aim is to contribute to the popularization of science and communicate ideas all around the world.

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Binge-watching TV is linked to potentially fatal blood clots

Take breaks when binge-watching TV to avoid blood clots.

Exotic X particles detected in quark-gluon plasma

The findings could redefine the kinds of particles that were abundant in the early universe.

Scientists detected an eccentric black hole merger, for the first time

This represents a major advancement in our understanding of how black holes merge.

Physicist explains how cilia help sperm flow

Physics of cilia explains sperm’s successful swimming.

CRISPR-Cas13 targets proteins causing ALS and Huntington’s disease

A single genetic mutation can have profound consequences.

Hubble spots a black hole triggering star formation in a dwarf galaxy

Detailed evidence from Hubble shows a black hole in a new light.

There are 40 billion billions Black Holes in the Universe, study

With a new computational approach, SISSA researchers could make fascinating calculations.

New AI model identifies genes responsible for motor neurone disease

The model has so far identified 690 risk genes for MND, many of which are discoveries.