Pranjal Mehar

Whether it is the delicacy of a nanoparticle or the fickleness of a bonobo, Pranjal Mehar tracks and reports on the adventure that is science. Based in Maharashtra, India, she is a former staff writer and always been a great member of Tech Explorist.

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Scientists discovered two effects of volcanic ash sedimentation

How do you know where volcanic ash will end up?

Diets of early lizards and snakes were more varied and advanced, study

Cutting-edge analysis of prehistoric teeth sheds new light on the diets of lizards and snakes.

How SARS-CoV-2 spreads in care home settings?

Genomics study identifies routes of transmission of coronavirus in care homes.

How earthquake triggers volcanic eruptions?

Scientists reviewed current knowledge, and introduce a novel framework to help characterize earthquake-triggering processes.

A graphene filter for efficient carbon capture

Graphene filter makes carbon capture more efficient and cheaper.

How a plant regulates its growth?

Molecular mechanisms of polar growth in plants.

CD4 T lymphocytes play a supporting role in fighting cancer cells

Cancer: a new killer lymphocyte enters the ring.