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Pranjal Mehar is a senior editor at Tech Explorist. She likes to write and read fine pieces of written works. Her aim is to contribute to the popularization of science and communicate ideas all around the world.
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Scientists studied the stickiness of ice containing everyday contaminants

Bidding adieu to sticky ice, but with a grain of salt.

Workaholics often feel unwell even while working, study

The mood of workaholics is on average worse than that of other people.

Obesity-resistant shrews can aid weight loss in mice

Transplanting gut microbes from an obesity-resistant shrew can improve microbiome diversity.

NPBI-based air purifiers could reduce airborne virus infectivity by up to 99.98%

The experiment used real-world concentrations of COVID-19 strains, flu and RSV viruses.

Scientists discovered thousands of rare new CRISPR systems

These systems that have a range of functions and could enable gene editing, diagnostics, and more.

AI automatically detects methane plumes from space

A powerful tool in combating climate change.

Chlorine disinfectant is no more effective at killing off superbug

New research explores the impact of using recommended chlorine chemicals.

Space missions may increase male astronomers’ risk of erectile dysfunction

This work indicates that sexual health should be closely monitored in astronauts upon their return to Earth.

Physicists found a strange metal is strangely quiet in quantum noise experiment

Rice physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in material.

Study reveals brain processes involved in vision

How does the brain react and learn compared to being shown images which match what was predicted?

Your eyes and ears talk with each other, study

Scientists know what they’re saying.

Stunning discovery: How Syllid worms form reproductive stolons?

The surprising world of stolonization in worms.