Pranjal Mehar

Pranjal Mehar is an enthusiastic science writer who enjoys exploring various scientific topics. She has a keen interest in astronomy and is also inclined towards writing about new technology. She is committed to spreading accurate and intelligent scientific information in an easy and accessible manner.
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Scientists used silkworms to grow organ-like tissues in labs

A new ultrathin silk membrane for organ-on-a-chip platforms.

Researchers found giant viruses on Greenland’s ice sheet

The viruses probably regulate the growth of snow algae on the ice by infecting them.

Nanomedicine and digital twin tech tackle food insecurity and climate change

How medical models can transform agriculture?

Warming Arctic is connected to higher Pacific salmon abundance

‘Open gates’ in warming Arctic are expanding salmon range.

Unknown but fascinating species discovered on deep-sea expedition

The animals living in these deep-sea areas have adapted to a life with very little nutrition.

Adding 46 minutes of sleep can measurably increase the ‘positives of life’

New study reveals how adding 46 minutes of sleep can measurably increase ‘positives of life’.

Shipping lanes threaten whale shark feeding grounds

Most dangerous areas for whale shark-shipping vessel collisions revealed.

Higher temperatures drain plants of important dietary nutrients

Key nutrients help plants beat the heat.

Dark chocolate’s bright side: Minimal metal risk for kids

The study sampled 155 dark and milk chocolates from various global brands.

TikTok’s sleep tips: Science-approved!

Most sleep tips shared on TikTok are supported by scientific evidence.

College students have less empathy when they are less alert

Changes in alertness may undermine an individual’s ability to empathize.

Scientists discovered how the river Nile evolved over the past 11,500 years

Crucial shift in River Nile’s evolution during ancient Egypt discovered.