Thursday, March 30, 2023

Pranjal Mehar

Pranjal Mehar is a senior editor at Tech Explorist. She likes to write and read fine pieces of written works. Her aim is to contribute to the popularization of science and communicate ideas all around the world.
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A new protein delivery approach that works in human cells and animals

The programmable system could be used in a range of applications, including gene and cancer therapies.

Generating spatially structured electron spins using a structured light

Storing information with spins.

Surprising: Methane cools even as it heats

Impacts of potent greenhouse gas: a bit lower than previously thought.

Exposure to chemicals in everyday products is linked to reduced fertility

The study is one of the first to show its impact in humans.

An easy way to make atomically-thin metal layers for new technology

Economic method to create MXene material could enable new electronics or energy storage methods.

Mental fatigue can have a negative impact on physical performance

People subjected to mentally demanding tasks find it harder to go on to perform physical exercise.

Scientists discovered a key factor through which plants respond to temperature

The tiny key to a major goal: maximizing crop growth.

Social media linked to poor mental health and body image among young people

This issue is worthy of attention as an emerging global public health issue.

Intense heatwaves happen at the bottom of the ocean

First assessment of bottom marine heat waves opens a window on the deep.

The language we speak shapes the connectivity in our brains

Native language shapes brain wiring.

The first molecular-level, 3D picture of an odor molecule

Making sense of scents.

New insights into one of the cosmos’ most extreme environments

A star’s unexpected survival.