Washington State University

Washington State University

Several air contaminants are linked to children’s asthma symptoms

It’s not just one pollutant that can be linked to asthma outcomes.

Polar bears unlikely to adapt to longer summers

More time stranded on land means greater risk of starvation for polar bears.

Cannabis triggers hunger neurons in the brain

Cannabis sativa activates hunger neurons in the mediobasal hypothalamus.

Revolutionizing surgery: Implant kills bacteria, promotes healing

An antibacterial surgical implant with high efficacy.

Machines efficiently generate cells for cancer treatment

Centrifugal bioreactor speeds up CD8 T cell expansion for cancer immunotherapy.

Discovery of a protein with potential to prevent tick-borne diseases

AteA: A vital effector for tick infection by Anaplasma phagocytophilum.

Bright light in big cities is linked to smaller eyes in birds

The findings have implications for conservation efforts amid the rapid decline of bird populations.

A plant gene required for root hair growth found in grasses

Plant cell types: Unlocking the mystery of root hair development.

Stormwater Biofiltration increases coho salmon hatchling survival

Bioretention filtration prevents acute mortality and reduces chronic toxicity for early-life stage coho salmon.

Novel chamber created to find carbon-free ways to keep people cool

It could help researchers and builders find better ways to keep people cool in extreme temperatures.

The first bees evolved on an ancient supercontinent

A new best estimate for when and where bees first evolved.

The new catalyst reduces methane pollution in millions of engines

Researchers show method to remove greenhouse gas from natural gas engine exhaust.

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