University of Gothenburg

Vittrup Man lived on the Scandinavian coast before moving to a farming community in Denmark

DNA, isotope, protein analysis reveal genetic ancestry and migration of a human found in a peat bog.

Breakthrough material enables one-way glass and dark matter model

A kind of metamaterial that has been beyond the reach of existing technologies so far.

Shifting arterial disease patterns in diabetes

Peripheral arterial complications in Type 1 Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes.

Widening day and night temperature difference can affect all life on Earth

A recent study conducted by researchers from Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, among others, has revealed a shift in what scientists already knew...

Artery calcification is almost twice as common in night owls

The extreme evening chronotype may be linked.

Micromotors can generate green energy from wastewater

This is an interesting discovery.

Undetected glaucoma in older people

Glaucoma prevalence in Gothenburg's 70-year-old population.

Newer blood thinners linked to lower risk of bleeding

Oral anticoagulation and risk of bleeding in patients with venous thromboembolism.

Researchers created an effective treatment for most stroke victims

Groundbreaking findings bring hope for faster and better recovery after stroke.

Sea lettuce is a popular food found on the coasts

Researchers found 20 species of sea lettuce in the baltic sea region.

Diabetes medication shows the potential to reduce alcohol consumption

Semaglutide may be a new treatment for alcohol dependence.

Regular exercise may reduce risk of brain haemorrhage

Regular physical activity can reduce bleeding in intracerebral hemorrhage.

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