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The mystery of the origin of the Great Sphinx of Giza is solved

Did nature have a hand in the formation of the Great Sphinx?

Self-cleaning, hybrid membrane improves desalination efficiency

New membrane overcomes significant challenges that have, until now, limited desalination technologies.

Researchers develop deep learning model for predicting CRISPR tool activity

CRISPR and AI accurately control gene expression.

Study shows irrigation’s impact on regional climates and environments

Practice is vital in managing climate change and future agricultural development.

The study offers insights into neuroreceptor organization

Scientists made advances on our understanding of the distribution of receptors across the brain.

What makes “junk food” junk?

U.S. policies define junk food for taxation and regulations.

New work reconstructs the full state of a quantum liquid

New research using ultracold atoms reveals particular properties of quantum systems.

Scientists discovered the earliest gibbon fossil

A finding that fills a gap in the evolutionary history of apes.

A method for predicting the composition of dark matter

A new analysis offers an innovative means to predict ‘cosmological signatures’ for models of dark matter.

New factors behind better vision discovered by neuroscientists

How well we can see?

What makes brain cells develop in a specific order?

A study of the visual system of fruit flies reveals factors regulating neuron development.

A mysterious, new type of wave discovered in the Sun

Equatorially antisymmetric vorticity waves.

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