University of California

UC Irvine-led study discovers novel cause of brain hemorrhage

In vivo microhemorrhages linked to erythrocyte-brain endothelial interactions.

UCLA-led advancement redefines Nobel Prize-winning technology

Improved imaging for small protein targets at 3 Å resolution.

Cognitive function: The power of scent

Olfactory enrichment improves memory and brain structure in older adults.

Hummingbirds are more likely to drink alcohol than you think

Hummingbirds drink alcohol, but only in small amounts.

CARD8 can detect a range of viruses, including COVID-19

Study suggests the inflammasome-forming sensor is critical to identifying COVID-19 infection.

Study highlights the long-term negative impact of climate stress

Californian wildfire trauma associated with cognitive deficits and altered brain activity

Strange star survived the thermonuclear supernova

It actually became even brighter after a supernova.

Producing food without sunshine using artificial Photosynthesis

Developing more energy efficient food production using artificial photosynthesis on Earth which will also be possible on Mars one day.

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft recorded the sound of Jupiter’s moon

An audio track collected during Jupiter's mission’s Ganymede flyby offers a dramatic ride-along.

Children with dengue infection could be protected from symptomatic Zika

Dengue has been endemic to the Americas, Zika wasn’t reported in the region until 2015. The viruses are very similar: they are transmitted by...

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