North Carolina State University

Soft Robotapillar crawls with ease through loops and bends

The soft robot bends and twists through mazes with ease.

New welding technique to join composite metal foam

This is an important step forward.

Ancient stars were able to produce heavy-mass elements

How heavy can an element be?

Comprehending charged particles assists in modeling the formation of elements in stars

The study lays groundwork for calculating how nucleons interact when the particles are electrically charged.

Poop research can help to increase white rhino populations

Reproductive status on the gut microbiome of southern white rhinoceros.

It’s possible to make carbon dioxide capture filters using 3D printing

This manufacturing process, using 3D printing, makes everything faster and more precise.

Scientists use satellites to monitor the planet’s greening in the face of climate change

The new results allow to be more confident about what those changes will be.

New elastic material is impervious to gases and liquids

An important step because there has long been a trade-off between elasticity and being impervious to gases.

A study looks at the bacteria on and in mosquitoes

The bacteria-ridden exteriors of mosquitoes may be another reason to arm yourself with a swatter.

New visualization tool to identify and study bands of heavy snow

The new method relies on integrating two sources of information into one visual display.

How do plants build a sugar transport lane?

A tiny region at the root tip is responsible.

Scientists developed the fastest soft robot

By getting inspired by the biomechanics of cheetahs, scientists at North Carolina State University have developed the fastest ever soft robot that can move...

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