Newcastle University

False vacuum decay: New research sheds light on the phenomenon

First experimental evidence of vacuum decay.

Potential origins of life uncovered in ancient hot springs

Research turns to ancient hot springs to explore the origins of life on Earth.

Solar cells for IoT devices with AI-powered energy management

Environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

Scientists discovered a river longer than Thames beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

An unexpected river under the Antarctic ice sheet affects the flow and melting of ice.

A new species of deep-sea fish discovered in the Atacama Trench

A new small blue snailfish is changing our understanding of the world’s deepest fishes.

Scientists uncovered a source of oxygen hidden deep in the Earth’s crust

The first study shows the vital importance of hot temperatures in maximizing hydrogen peroxide generation.

Study reveals what Bronze age daggers were used for

The lack of a targeted method of analysis left this problem unresolved.

Study revealed the protective armor of superbug C.difficile

The spectacular structure of the protective armor of the superbug has been revealed for the first time.

Scientists identified a genetic mechanism that can cause male infertility

Breakthrough into the cause of male infertility.

New technology that pushes the boundaries of data speed

Speeding up organic data transfer.

Honey bee colonies are increasingly suffering from a viral disease

A new study by Newcastle University, UK, suggests that Honey bee colonies from across the UK are suffering from a disease called chronic bee...

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