Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology

Quantum system allows efficient error correction, longer computation times

Researchers have created a unique system that combats the dilemma.

Ship scrubbers cause great damage to the Baltic Sea

Millions in costs due to the discharge of scrubber water into the Baltic Sea.

A simple change can help EV drivers escape range anxiety

The biggest battery isn't always the best.

New breakthrough advances vision implants

Flexible polymer electrodes enable stable visual perception.

Smart charging station minimizes price, waiting time for electric drivers

Through smart algorithms, it can offer electric drivers personalized prices.

Ammonia as a marine fuel is not green enough for environment

The alternative with the lowest cost is environmentally problematic.

Researchers develop eco-friendly hydrogel material for 3D printing in construction

3D printed nanocellulose upscaled for green architectural applications

A new and efficient way to recycle metals from batteries

Reversing order and avoiding the loss.

New wood-based technology removes dye pollutants in wastewater

It can combat the widespread problem of toxic dye discharge from the textile industry.

New technique to control quantum states of light in a three-dimensional cavity

Quantum technology reaches unprecedented control over captured light.

A new optical amplifier could revolutionize optical communication

It is compact enough to integrate into a chip just millimeters in size.

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