Aalto University

Breakthrough material enables one-way glass and dark matter model

A kind of metamaterial that has been beyond the reach of existing technologies so far.

Discovery of ‘Alice rings’ offers a glimpse into an other-worldly realm

A reality where particle physics is quite literally turned on its head.

Quantum entanglement wave detected for the first time

An artificial quantum magnet featuring a quasiparticle.

New technique for better wireless charging over long distances

New technology boosts wireless charging efficiency by up to 80% over long distances.

Researchers demonstrated how to control the quantum states of individual molecules

Controlling quantum states in individual molecules with two-dimensional ferroelectrics.

Using quantum mechanics to see objects without looking at them

The new method bridges the quantum and classical worlds.

Introducing Unimon: A new superconducting qubit for quantum computers

A new qubit to boost quantum computers for useful applications.

Listen to the sound of Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis can be heard even when they can’t be seen.

Measuring the world’s tiniest magnetic fields

A novel magnetometer that achieves an energy resolution per energy bandwidth that goes far beyond this limit.

Entangling electrons with heat

Aalto researchers can now extract entangled electrons using heat.

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