A simple inkjet printer can fabricate stretchable LED

A pen stroke can turn perovskite into a light emitter and detector.

Scientists recycled polyester using a single household ingredient

Hartshorn salt and baking are environmentally friendly.

Microscopic evidence of ancient plant technology in Philippine

Stone tools bear tell-tale markings of fiber technology going back 39,000 years.

Fiber “barcodes” can be used to create durable clothing labels

Reflective fibers could revolutionize textile sorting and recycling.

A new kind of fiber can make breath-regulating garments

Robotic” textiles could help performers and athletes train their breathing.

Now, garments can directly monitor vital signs about health

MIT scientists have developed a sensor that can be attached to stretchy fabrics. The sensor-embedded garments, which are machine washable, can monitor vital signs...

Space Fabric Links Fashion and Engineering

Nasa scientist, Raul Polit Casillas with his colleagues are developing a woven metal fabrics to use in space. The fabric is also known as...

Upcycling Fast Fashion to Reduce Waste and Pollution

The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world. The impact of the overall fashion industry is quite grim. This pollution while...

New Smart Textile Is The Muscle Behind Next Generation Devices

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electro materials Science (ACES) for the first time have developed a smart textile. This smart textile...

New Fabric Uses Sun And Wind To Power Devices

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology developed a new fabric that gathers power from both the sun and the wind. Scientists have combined...

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