Solar cells

Efficient, solution‐processed, hybrid tandem solar cells

A novel technology, capable of maximizing the performance of the existing CQD solar cells has been developed, recently.

Assessing Switzerland’s solar power potential

What if half of Switzerland's rooftops produced electricity?

Technoeconomic: Slimming down the solar cells

For cheaper solar cells, thinner really is better.

Transparent solar cells with flexibility, and high-efficiency

Stretchable and colorless freestanding microwire arrays for transparent solar cells with flexibility.

Developing machine learning tools to design better solar cells quickly and cheaply

The broader goal is to demonstrate that machine learning can help rapidly design all kinds of technologies.

A better way to harness the power of solar panels

A better approach to controlling the hardware that already exists.

Solar energy turns into biofuel without solar cells

It seems like soon we will be able to replace fossil fuels with a carbo-neutral product created from solar energy, carbon dioxide, and water. Cyanobacteria,...

Tiny RoboBee X-Wing uses solar power to achieve untethered flight

Researchers at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab have developed the insect-inspired microrobot called the RoboBee X-Wing - the latest version of their astonishing RoboBee. The...

New solar technology aims to be the future of renewable energy

Innovative creation could also make solar power more efficient.

Optimizing stability of low-Cost, large-area solar modules

Third-generation solar cells effectively convert sunlight into usable power and cost less vitality to make than conventional silicon cells. Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs), specifically,...

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