4+ hours of using a smartphone impacts adolescent health

However, for lighter users, rates of adverse health measures were no greater than for nonusers.

Study reveals ideal daily step count for longer life: 8,000 steps

Daily step counts linked to mortality and heart health.

Your tongue reflects your health

Review of a computer-based system for diagnosing diseases by analyzing tongue color.

Perovskite LEDs get a boost, but at the expense of longevity

The Efficiency-Stability Trade-Off in Perovskite LEDs.

Affordable mass manufacturing method for micro-LED displays

Continuous roller printing efficiently transfers thousands of microscopic semiconductor devices in a single shot.

Smartphone screens can be used to map magnetic fields

Hand-held magnetic field imaging can used for construction safety & medical diagnostics.

Glasses with AI can read a silent speech

Acoustic sensing enables silent speech recognition without eyewear.

Phone’s dark mode doesn’t necessarily save much battery life

But there are a few ways that users can take better advantage of the feature.

Scientists invented a smartphone-controlled soft brain implant

Wirelessly rechargeable soft brain implant controls brain cells​.

Students used their smartphone over 8h/day on average during lockdown

Those reporting poorer sleep quality also used these devices more.

Excessive smartphone, social media use may be linked to mental distress

The study highlight factors that should be among the factors considered by clinicians and researchers who work in the field of youth mental health.

Just being around your cellphone affects your thinking

A framework of trying to understand if technology, or media in general, are mirrors or modifiers of human behavior.

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