Robotic arm

New robotic system enables surgeons to perform ‘four-arm’ operations

Four-armed robotic surgical system is controlled by haptic interface pedals.

Wooden robotic gripper can lift objects, withstand high temperatures

The wooden gripper is driven by changes in moisture, temperature, and lighting in the environment.

Novel soft humanoid hand creates safer human-robotics interactions

The robotic hand has the merits of fast response, large grasping force, low cost, and light weight.

Robots learn to handle thin cables with unprecedented dexterity

It enables robots to help us with things like tying knots, wire shaping, or even surgical suturing.

Octopus-inspired Tentacle Bot can handle a wide range of objects

We, human beings, are able to grab objects with our hand thanks to the thumb that serves as a clamp. It brings precision and...

Electrify America will deploy robotic fast-charging facility for self-driving EVs

Both electric and autonomous vehicles are becoming popular with time. These electric self-driving vehicles will play an essential role in the future of driving,...

“LUKE Arm” can sense touch, move with your thoughts

For helping amputees regain the sense of touch, a lot of efforts has been made so far. Despite the increasingly advanced developments in the...

First-ever mind-controlled robotic arm that works without brain implant

Controlling external devices and detecting mental intent using the brain-computer interface (BCI) technology has opened doors to improve the lives of patients suffering from...

Mind Control Robot: A New Robot That Can Be Controlled By Your Thoughts

Controlling robot by your arms sounds like a Spielberg movie. But now, it becomes a reality. Scientists from the University of Minnesota, US have shown that it...

Robotic Arm Enable Paralyzed Person To Feel Touch

Sometimes a major accident causes person unable to sense touch through fingers or hands. So scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC have...

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