Meet ZenRobotics 4.0, an AI-powered waste-sorting robot

The robot is able to recognize over 500 waste categories.


ZenRobotics, a Finnish high-tech company, has presented ZenRobotics 4.0, its fourth generation of waste sorting robots. These robots are equipped with new features and enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize and improve the efficiency of waste sorting operations.

ZenRobotics has been at the forefront of AI-based waste sorting technology since 2007. They are dedicated to automating waste management processes and replacing manual sorting methods with more efficient and safe solutions.

ZenRobotics 4.0 seems to be a significant improvement over its predecessors, with a core focus on optimizing waste sorting operations. Version 4.0 of their waste sorting robot is now available on the Heavy Picker 4.0 and Fast Picker 4.0 models.

The Heavy Picker 4.0 features a more compact and precise individual recognition system called ZenBrain, which can improve efficiency by up to 60-100% compared to the previous system. Additionally, the robot has updated AI technology with an extensive global recognition database that allows it to identify over 500 waste categories, reducing commissioning times as the Heavy Picker 4.0 comes pre-trained to recognize various types of waste.

The upgraded AI has improved its motion control and given it the ability to prioritize picking the most valuable resource for the customer. The reduced power consumption also makes the operation more cost-effective for the customer. Also, the gripper and manipulator have been improved with almost all new or redesigned components, which will lead to less downtime, higher efficiency, reliability, faster maintenance, and fewer worn parts.

ZenRobotics 4.0, its fourth generation of waste sorting robots
ZenRobotics 4.0, its fourth generation of waste sorting robots. Credit: ZenRobotics

ZenRobotics Fast Picker robot couples AI software with high-speed picking. The Fast Picker 4.0 robot can pick up to 80 items per minute and can recognize over 500 waste categories. Another interesting feature of this robot is its customization capability, which allows for seamless integration into various picking stations with adjustable widths and gantry design.

With the ability to reach the full width of the conveyor belt, the Fast Picker 4.0 seems to provide superior picking performance.

Additionally, the Fast Picker 4.0 can be added at the end of a line of Heavy Pickers. This allows it to sort smaller material pieces weighing up to 1kg, which is great for waste streams such as C&D, C&I, Wood, Scrap, and Rigid Plastics. It’s also versatile enough to be integrated into side streams, reject recovery lines, and quality control.

“In essence, when applied to our Heavy Picker and Fast Picker robots, ZenRobotics 4.0 brings higher standards to waste sorting technology,” said Jarmo Ruohonen, General Manager, ZenRobotics. “With heightened safety, efficiency, and vast customization, ZenRobotics 4.0 is set to redefine the very essence of waste management.”

ZenRobotics 4.0 is truly a remarkable technology that is transforming the waste management industry. With its advanced AI technology and innovative design, it is setting a new standard for waste sorting technology. What’s more, ZenRobotics is committed to sustainability, making it a vital player in the drive to create a greener future. By shaping the future of recycling, ZenRobotics is making a significant contribution to the global effort to reduce waste and protect our planet.

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