Hidden brain changes in heart disease

Imaging guides safer treatment choices.

New MRI procedure to visualize multiple sclerosis

The loss of myelin sheaths in the brain is a hallmark of multiple sclerosis.

Human brains show greater parallel ‘traffic’ than animal brains

Human brain networks show greater parallel information transmission than macaques and male mice.

Heart vests may predict sudden cardiac death risk

Feasibility of integrating cardiovascular magnetic resonance with electrocardiographic imaging using a reusable vest.

Aortic aneurysm predicted by unstable fluttering

Blood-wall fluttering as a marker for aortic aneurysm progression.

Advanced MRI detected brain changes after COVID-19

Water molecules reveal neural pathways.

Study finds subtle brain alterations associated with hearing loss

The link between hearing thresholds and brain changes revealed.

The impact of neighborhood disadvantage on food, weight, and brain

Body mass index as a mediator between disadvantaged neighborhoods and cortical microstructure.

Combining deep learning and physics to fix motion-corrupted MRI scans

The challenge involves more than just a blurry JPEG.

The largest-ever study of the genetics of the brain

Study identifies how the brain is organized.

A new category of depression found that affects about a quarter of patients

The goal is to diagnose and treat the condition more precisely.

Caregiver speech promotes brain development in infants

Infants with less language exposure have weaker language-related brain connections.

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