Re-energizing mitochondria to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Scripps Research team restored neuron-to-neuron connections in human cells.

How does obesity dismantle our mitochondria?

UC San Diego Study reveals key mechanism behind obesity-related metabolic dysfunction.

Scientists find a protein that stabilizes mitochondria in ALS

VAP anchors mitochondria for local energy support during synaptic changes.

New gene found to protect against Parkinson’s disease

Natural SHLP2 variant protects against Parkinson's disease.

New insights into metabolites that control aging and disease

Deciphering molecular mysteries.

Scientists identified a protein that prevents cellular ageing

A tidy cell seems to keep aging at bay.

New procedure reduces the risk of mitochondrial disease transmission

"Swinging away" removes more cytoplasm from transferred nuclear material.

Mitochondria’s role in processing dietary fat revealed in study

Mitochondrial dysfunction halts dietary lipid processing in enterocytes.

Examining membrane protein structure using molecular ”cookie cutters”

The nanoscale organization of membrane proteins in native membranes at single-molecule resolution.

Plants use “trojan horse” to fight mold invasions

Plant RNA defense systems hidden in unassuming “bubbles”.

Single-celled protists inside the guts of animals thrive without Mitochondria

Genomic analysis suggests the oxymonad lineage lost their mitochondria about 100 million years ago.

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