University of São Paulo tests molecule to mitigate heart failure

Dicer modification by 4-Hydroxynonenal impairs miRNA maturation in heart failure.

Exercise boosts the immune system for health

Regulatory T cells protect muscle mitochondria during exercise.

Elevated metabolism as an Alzheimer’s indicator

Early mitochondrial hypermetabolism in Alzheimer's mice.

Crucial mitochondrial protein in glioblastoma and therapy resistance

Glioblastoma progression and resistance linked to CHCHD2.

Pre-birth onset of fragile X syndrome unveiled

Key role of FMRP in species-specific prenatal cortex development.

COVID-19 causes mitochondrial dysfunction in the heart and other organs

These findings suggest new approaches for treating COVID-19.

Mitochondria send SOS signals when under stress

The cytosol as a sensor of mitochondrial stress

Mitochondrial disease: New discovery offers hope for patients

TFAM's key amino acids help to repair damaged DNA.

New details of the cellular process which prevents the spread of cancer

A unique molecular mechanism of the early stages of programmed cell death or apoptosis.

Latest study on Preeclampsia yields valuable insights into the life-threatening disorder

Hydroxychloroquine is a potential treatment.

Exercise preserves physical fitness during the aging, study

Findings may represent promising strategies for promoting muscle function during aging.

A novel experimental approach to slow aging

Harnessing light energy to rejuvenate mitochondrial membrane potential slowed aging in C. elegans.

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