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A gel-like yield stress fluid, top, moves as a plug without shearing in a tube with the new surface coating. At bottom, the same fluid is seen shearing while it flows in an uncoated tube, where part of the fluid gets stuck to the tube while part of it continues to flow.

How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide

An MIT research team that has already conquered the problem of getting ketchup out of its bottle has now tackled a new category of...
In the neuron, a protective covering called myelin (grey) insulates the axon and increases the speed of electrical communication along the length of the neuron.

Neuroscientists reverse some behavioral symptoms of Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 1 in 10,000 babies born in the United States, produces a range of symptoms including...
A team of scientists at MIT and elsewhere has developed a neural network, a form of artificial intelligence (AI), that can read scientific papers and render a plain-English summary in a sentence or two.

Can science writing be automated?

Science writers are sometimes known as scientific journalists. They report on scientific news for the media, sometimes taking on a more investigatory, critical role....
A new “particle simulator” developed by MIT researchers improves robots’ abilities to mold materials into simulated target shapes and interact with solid objects and liquids. This could give robots a refined touch for industrial applications or for personal robotics— such as shaping clay or rolling sticky sushi rice. Courtesy of the researchers

Giving robots a better feel for object manipulation

MIT scientists have developed a new learning system that can potentially improve robots’ abilities to mold materials into target shapes and make predictions about...
Researchers at MIT have found a way to analyze how to predict and prevent a boiling crisis, which is the point when so many bubbles form on a hot surface that they coalesce into a continuous sheet of vapor that blocks any further heat transfer from the surface to the water. Courtesy of the researchers

Getting to the bottom of the boiling crisis

The simple act of boiling water is one of humankind’s oldest inventions, and still central to many of today’s technologies, from coffee makers to...
New way of fabricating aircraft wings could enable radical new designs, such as this concept, which could be more efficient for some applications

Shape-changing plane wing

A team of engineers has built and tested a radically new kind of airplane wing, assembled from hundreds of tiny identical pieces. The wing...
Illustration of MIT’s new axion detector, in cross-section, designed to simulate an astrophysical magnetar.

Dark matter experiment finds no evidence of axions

One of the mysteries of our universe is that of dark energy and matter. Scientists all over the world are attempting to discover what...
Photo shows the area on the Coast Guard cutter Spencer’s diesel engine where the MIT-developed “Dashboard” detected damage that could have caused a fire. The damage was hidden under the brown cap at center.

Energy monitor can find electrical failures before they happen

MIT scientists have devised a new system to monitor the conduct of all electric devices in a building, ship or a factory. In addition,...
The experimental setup used by the researchers to test their magnetic sensor system, illuminated by green laser light.

Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

Sensing static magnetic fields with high sensitivity and spatial resolution is critical to many applications in fundamental physics, bioimaging, and materials science. Even more...