Sunday, November 27, 2022


The dynamics of human milk production

A new analysis shows how milk-producing cells change over time in nursing mothers.

Live cells in human breast milk could help breast cancer research

Offering insight into the relationship between pregnancy, lactation, and breast cancer.

How milk is transported through the mammary network?

A unique collaboration between neuroscience and mammary biology.

3-D printing milk-based products at room temperature

A method to perform direct ink writing (DIW) three-dimensional (3D) printing of milk products.

Scientists find one more reason to love curd

Curd, as we all know, is a fermented product from milk. We also know that many Indians love it for its distinct flavor and...

Technology to increase the shelf life of probiotic products

The Department of Biotechnology’s Biotech Consortium India Limited is offering a licensing opportunity to suitable industrial partners for commercialization of novel probiotic, edible films/coatings...

Children who drank whole milk had a lower risk of being overweight or obese

Review analyzing almost 21,000 children suggests children who drank whole milk were less likely to be overweight or obese.

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