Thursday, February 9, 2023

Mental health

Study highlights the long-term negative impact of climate stress

Californian wildfire trauma associated with cognitive deficits and altered brain activity

Early retirement can accelerate cognitive decline

Access to retirement plans can play a significant role in explaining cognitive decline at older ages.

Childhood BMI has limited effects on mood and behavioral disorders

Child body weight is unlikely to have a big impact on children's mood or behavioural disorders.

More screen time linked to odds of developing OCD in preteens

Video gaming watching videos most strongly tied to compulsive behavior.

Adding walnuts to daily diet shows positive effects on mental health

The new brain food for stressed university students.

Lack of computer access linked to poorer mental health during COVID-19

The end of 2020 was the time when young people faced the most difficulties.

Autistic women are particularly vulnerable to mental illness

These findings highlight the need for profound mental health services among autistic young adults.

Are depressed people more realistic?

Are depressed people simply more realistic in judging how much they control their lives?

Robots can better access children’s mental wellbeing, study

Robots can be better at detecting mental well-being issues in children.

One in three young people stayed happier during lockdown

Potential contributing factors include feeling less lonely, and getting more sleep and exercise.

Study finds positive Effects of academic education on Aging of Brain

The benefits of good education and lifelong learning extend into old age.

Scientists identified humor’s earliest emergence

Young children’s ability to laugh and make jokes has been mapped by age for the first time.

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