Friday, June 9, 2023

Mental health

US dog and cat owners became closer to their pets during COVID-19 pandemic

A new analysis suggests that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, US dog and cat owners became closer to their pets, and a complex relationship unfolded...

Adolescent mental health disorders are linked to brain connections ‘pruning’

Mental health problems might arise during adolescence.

Women are less likely to seek substance use treatment due to stigma and logistics

women with SUDs reported that prevented them from seeking treatment

Decoding Insomnia: Machine learning model predicts sleep disorders from patient records

A machine learning model can effectively predict a patient’s risk for a sleep disorder using demographic and lifestyle data, physical exam results and laboratory...

Poor family cohesion is associated with long-term psychological impacts in bereaved teenagers

Swedish study suggests a link between family cohesion after parental loss and mental health.

The midlife crisis 2.0: How the pandemic has affected over-50s

British adults experienced highest-ever levels of poor mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children who are breastfed or mixed-fed are at lower risk of having special educational need

Feeding methods in infancy could be a modifiable risk factor for the causes of special educational needs.

Teenagers who trust information found online believe it to be less stressful

The findings highlight the need for news literacy programs.

Smart helmets to protect against head trauma

Smart helmets provide metrics to monitor the neurological effects of head impacts.

Harsh discipline increases risk of children developing lasting mental health problems

Hostile parenting involves frequent harsh treatment and discipline and can be physical or psychological.

Senior employees often feel insecure about their position in the workplace

Stereotypes about senior employees lead to premature retirements.

Social media linked to poor mental health and body image among young people

This issue is worthy of attention as an emerging global public health issue.

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