Mental health

40% of underprivileged youths lack essential mental health support

Mental health struggles: 4 in 10 Young people in disadvantaged areas face support barriers.

How does a dad’s depression or anxiety affect his kids?

Paternal mental health and child development in middle childhood.

A digital detox may not improve wellbeing, study

Social media users who reduced usage for a week saw decreases in both positive and negative emotions.

Good physical health reduces mental medication use

Norwegian prescription database links fitness to mental health meds.

Study reveals ideal daily step count for longer life: 8,000 steps

Daily step counts linked to mortality and heart health.

Latinx middle schoolers mental health affects sleep, obesity, and habits

Heart disease and stroke risk linked to adolescent depression.

Most considerable study shows that light affects mental health

Light exposure linked to psychiatric disorders in 85,000 people.

Paternal leave may safeguard men from alcohol-related illness

Effects of paternal leave on alcohol morbidity in Sweden.

Your body’s cannabinoids calm you during stress

Endocannabinoids regulate stress-induced behavioral adaptation.

Key biomarker discovered for tracking depression recovery

Cingulate dynamics track depression recovery with brain stimulation.

Dopamine’s impact on decision speed and precision

Dopamine and decision thresholds in male human reinforcement learning.

Inflammatory signs of teen depression vary by gender

Gender-specific inflammatory markers in adolescent depression.

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