A physics mystery solved: How does Glass dampen sound?

Puzzling glass vibrations!

3D-printed living material could clean polluted water

A sustainable and eco-friendly solution to clean pollutants from water.

Advancing Water Pollution Solutions with 3D-Printed ‘Living Material’

Engineered cyanobacteria in phenotypically complex living materials.

Quantum entanglement wave detected for the first time

An artificial quantum magnet featuring a quasiparticle.

New steam condenser coating could boost global power efficiency

The coating could cut 460 million tons of carbon dioxide and 2 trillion gallons of water used per year.

A simple inkjet printer can fabricate stretchable LED

A pen stroke can turn perovskite into a light emitter and detector.

New battery design exceeds fast-charging goals for EV

It will be impactful for EVs and other applications.

UCLA research reveals the true shape of lithium for the first time

Fundamental discoveries and new techniques could lead to better, safer rechargeable batteries.

Multicyclic molecular wheels have polymer potential

Molecular wheels can hold together long molecular chains.

Solar battery that can absorb light and store energy simultaneously

The synthesized material can be used to create a solar battery.

Guidelines for extracting valuable materials from water

Extracting water resources enhances national security and the environment.

The evolution of 3D printing nanoscale optical devices

Inversely constructed 3D-patterned mid-infrared metaoptics.

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