Revolutionizing Hydrogen Storage: New Material to Power the Future

Learn about the latest advancements in hydrogen storage technology and how it can drive the future of clean energy solutions.

New window coating blocks heat, lets through visible light

It can reduce air-conditioning cooling costs by more than one-third in hot climates.

Breakthrough material enables one-way glass and dark matter model

A kind of metamaterial that has been beyond the reach of existing technologies so far.

Ceramic coatings promise gas turbines that produce more power

Power plants will produce more energy with new coating on gas turbine blades

New method enables the synthesis of several new 2D materials

A new world of 2D material is opening up.

Novel highly ice-repellent coating adheres to numerous surfaces

The material delays the formation of ice crystals and reduces the adhesion of ice layers.

Human trial shows safe to develop ‘wonder’ material

This revolutionary nanomaterial could be developed further without acute risk to human health.

Using AI to develop eco-friendly materials for carbon capture

Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials can be used in many different applications.

Plasma technology increases lithium extraction efficiency by 3-fold

New research suggests an improved method for extracting lithium by applying plasma technology.

Limescale-repellent coating to improve thermal power plant efficiency

A hydrogel-based coating that effectively prevents the adhesion of limescale.

A new AI tool to discover realistic ‘metamaterials’ with unusual properties

This makes it possible to create devices with unprecedented functionalities.

Researchers develop eco-friendly hydrogel material for 3D printing in construction

3D printed nanocellulose upscaled for green architectural applications

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