Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Turning Hydrogen Molecule into a quantum sensor

Technique for precise measurement of electrostatic properties of materials

A lead-free neutron and gamma-ray composite shielding material

Neutron shielding materials are essential components for radiation protection in many nuclear facilities. Especially in some nuclear fusion experimental devices, the diagnostic system like...

Chemists create the brightest known fluorescent materials in existence

Scientists solved 150-year-old problem of emission quenching of fluorescent dyes.

Engineers electrically transformed a non-magnetic material into magnetic

Scientists found a way to make "fool's gold" or pyrite magnetic.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover will also test materials for new spacesuits on Mars

These materials are then used within the outer layers of the future Mars Spacesuit.

Engineers created Proteus, a new lightweight, non-cuttable material

Proteus could not be cut by angle grinders, drills or high-pressure water jets.

Researchers develop stretchable, self-healing and illuminating material for ‘invincible’ light-emitting devices

Imagine a flexible digital screen that heals itself when it cracks, or a light-emitting robot that locates survivors in dark, dangerous environments or carries...

Researchers develop a new library of atomically thin 2D materials

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have created a whole new library of atomically thin, two-dimensional (2D) materials using a novel and...

Dancing electrons solve a longstanding puzzle in the oldest magnetic material

Magnetite is the oldest magnetic material known to humans, yet researchers are still mystified by certain aspects of its properties. For example, when the temperature...

Scientists create world’s first monolayer amorphous film

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have synthesised the world’s first one-atom-thick amorphous material. Previously thought to be impossible, the discovery of...

Composite material that can absorb electromagnetic radiation developed

The rising level of electromagnetic radiation emitted by communication devices and electronic instruments is becoming a cause of concern. An effective shielding material having suitable...

A shocking materials technology breakthrough

The Air Force Research Laboratory in collaboration with research partners at Los Alamos National Laboratory has devised a 3-D printed polymer-based foam structure that...

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