Sunday, May 22, 2022

Magnetic field

A monster black hole just flipped its magnetic field

A black hole's magnetic reversal.

A roadmap for deepening Understanding of puzzling Universal process

An insight into the workings of the cosmos.

A method to study mini-magnetospheres

A unique environment to study kinetic-scale, collisionless plasma physics in the laboratory.

The most detailed map yet of a giant filamentary bone in the Milky Way

It is the most detailed map of the magnetic fields of galactic bone in their entirety.

Connecting the dots between the Galilean moon and auroral emissions on Jupiter

Jupiter’s auroras are significantly more intense than Earth’s.

Scientists successfully observed an atomic magnetic field

Accelerating research and development on advanced materials.

Measuring the world’s tiniest magnetic fields

A novel magnetometer that achieves an energy resolution per energy bandwidth that goes far beyond this limit.

Astrophysicists identified the origin of supermassive black hole flares

Largest-ever simulations suggest flickering powered by magnetic ‘reconnection’.

Plasma lensing discovered in black widow pulsar

Black widow pulsar systems are usually characterized by ablating the companion by pulsar emissions. They got their name from the "black widow" spiders. These...

Middle-aged stars can experience their own kind of midlife crisis, study

Magnetic fields implicated in the mysterious midlife crisis of stars.

Physicists measured the lifetime of the neutron more precisely

The measurement will help put theories about the nature of the universe to the test.

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