Magnetic field

A novel mechanism could unravel the mystery of decaying exoplanet orbits

Why some exoplanets are spiraling towards their stars?

Study probes how interplanetary space affects the asteroid Ryugu

Samples reveal evidence of changes experienced by the surface of asteroid Ryugu.

Scientists recovered a 3.7-billion-year-old record of Earth’s magnetic field 

Oldest undisputed evidence of Earth’s magnetic field.

Ultra-thin 2D materials can rotate light polarization

Miniaturized optical isolators.

Revolutionizing gravity-free tech: Novel material propels magnetic levitation

Using graphite, scientists have created a floating platform that requires no external power.

Unusual radio pulses detected from a previously dormant star

Unprecedented behaviour from nearby magnetar.

Tree rings hide secrets about the most significant solar storm in history

Tracing the largest solar storm in modern times from tree rings in Lapland.

Astronomers observed jets of matter being expelled 3X the speed of light

‘Cosmic Cannibals’ expel jets into space at 40% speed of light.

A scar imprinted on the surface of a white dwarf star

This scar is a concentrated patch of planetary material.

Measuring and controlling interactions between magnetic ripples

Toward ultrafast magnetism-based computers.

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