Sunday, July 3, 2022

Magnetic field

Plasma lensing discovered in black widow pulsar

Black widow pulsar systems are usually characterized by ablating the companion by pulsar emissions. They got their name from the "black widow" spiders. These...

Middle-aged stars can experience their own kind of midlife crisis, study

Magnetic fields implicated in the mysterious midlife crisis of stars.

Physicists measured the lifetime of the neutron more precisely

The measurement will help put theories about the nature of the universe to the test.

Earth’s magnetic field weakens every 200 million years

Further evidence of an approximately 200 million-year long cycle in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Investigating the dynamics of the early solar system

Scientists can deduce the probable events that affected the object and reconstruct a time-lapse.

Sun’s magnetic field lines get tangled over time with sun’s rotation

Unraveling the knotty problem of the Sun’s activity.

World-first modular quantum brain scanner

This is a world-first and opens up potential for whole-brain scanning & advances in diseases like Alzheimer's.

Diverse magnetic field morphologies in solar-type star-forming cores

The study reveals the diverse magnetic field morphologies in solar-type star-forming cores in the Taurus B213 region.

Why solar wind does not cool down as fast as expected?

Simulating the solar wind.

New study made a key discovery related to the Jupiter’ Aurora

Jupiter’s polar cap is threaded in part with closed magnetic field lines.

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