Magnetic field

A living star likely to give clues to the mysterious origin of magnetars

Research team identified highly unusual star that may evolve into a magnetar.

A brand-new measurement of a property of the muon

Muon g-2 doubles down with latest measurement.

Unusual ultrafast motion discovered in layered magnetic materials

The discovery was inspired by the experiments of Einstein and de Haas.

Mystery solved: Why do certain metallic meteorites show traces of a magnetic field?

Collisions between asteroids might lead to the formation of metal asteroids.

New research offers clues on the origins of the Universe’s magnetic fields

The source of magnetic fields has long been debated. New research offers clues on their origins.

Exploring cell division with a new kind of superresolution

Interactions between structures at the nanoscale sync up with the way the whole cell contracts.

Astronomers have discovered a two-faced star

Unusual white dwarf star is made of hydrogen on one side and helium on the other.

Astronomers discover striking evidence of ‘unusual’ stellar evolution

Magnetic activity plays key role in exoplanet habitability.

Direct visualization of the zero-field pair density wave

Tunneling spectroscopy confirms exotic superconducting state in iron-based superconductor.

Chemists develop new chiral structure creation method

A UC Riverside study investigates sensing and anti-counterfeit technological applications.

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