Seaweed gel therapy for blindness caused by retinal detachment

Injectable hydrogel with tamponading function for retinal detachment.

Unraveling the mystery of a creature that evolved eyes with a lens

The researchers lay out what factors led to this peculiar arrangement.

Researchers discover ancient origins of light-sensing cells in retina

Specialized cells that simultaneously signal the presence of light in two unique ways.

How genes affect what infants like to look at

Genetic variation in infants' social vs. non-social object gaze.

Your eyes and ears talk with each other, study

Scientists know what they’re saying.

Scientists studied tumors in green sea turtles

Environmental factors linked to tumor formation following herpesvirus infection.

Rare disease’s shared mechanism with cystic fibrosis

Unraveling ER-associated degradation's role in cystinosis pathogenesis and the potential for precision medicine.

Scientists uncover 135 novel genes controlling skin pigmentation

Revealing the factors behind human pigmentation: Genome-wide genetic search.

Butterfly-inspired films create vibrant colors while cooling objects passively

Nanofilms could significantly reduce cooling energy in buildings and vehicles.

A new ML model can identify mild cognitive impairment from retinal scans

A non-invasive and inexpensive method of identifying the early signs of cognitive impairment.

Life motion perception develops in eye pupils

The pupil of the eye indicates living motion awareness.

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