Sunday, September 25, 2022

Electric vehicle

New lithium-ion batteries that perform well at freezing cold and heat

Such batteries could allow electric vehicles in cold climates to travel farther on a single charge.

Electric Vehicles Provide Lower Carbon Emissions Through Additional Channels

Electric vehicles dominate when indirect supply chain emissions are accounted for.

Contactless high-performance power transmission in the kilowatt range

Superconducting coils for contactless power transmission in the kilowatt range.

Bentley’s OCTOPUS project aims to deliver e-powertrain of the future

Recyclable system will remove the need for rare-earth magnets.

Volta Zero, a futuristic electric truck with 200 km of autonomy

The Zero, with no tailpipe emissions, is a truck built for the zero emissions city.

Tesla shows a prototype of its ventilator made from EV parts

The governments worldwide have called on automakers and aerospace companies to help acquire or manufacture ventilators and other medical equipment amid the growing number...

BMW presented the fuel cell powertrain for its i Hydrogen NEXT

Most of the major auto groups' recent efforts to align with sustainability demand have rested on electric battery models. While the world is focused...

Samsung’s long-lasting all-solid-state battery promises 800 km range EV

It also allows batteries to be made 50% less bulky than current lithium-ion batteries.

Fast charging can damage electric car batteries

According to a new study by the University of California, Riverside- Adaptive fast-charging methodology for commercial electric batteries can cause them to crack, leak,...

New flexible supercapacitor allows electric vehicles to be charged in 10 minutes

Supercapacitors are entirely new material. Unlike conventional capacitors, they can be charged almost instantly and, if necessary, discharge a huge amount of energy, making...

New phenomena for next-generation batteries

The process of developing better rechargeable batteries may be cloudy, but there’s an alumina lining.

Damon Hypersport, smartest electric superbike with an advanced warning system

The world’s smartest, safest, and most powerful electric motorcycle at CES 2020.

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