First-ever RNA recovery from extinct species

RNA history of extinct Tasmanian tiger.

Rutgers Scientists invent deadly disease detection tool

Rapid pathogen quantification: A digital assay using DNA nanoballs.

Genetic testing and unnecessary breast surgery in women

Family history's impact on hereditary cancer in the population.

Scientists make significant strides in studying schizophrenia genes

Studying how common genetic variants affect schizophrenia.

Genetic study links blood sugar and type 2 diabetes treatment

Diabetes pathophysiology and treatment: A genetic perspective.

The fungus breaks down harmful food toxin

Isolating and characterizing filamentous fungi with patulin-degrading abilities.

Cancer drug shows promise in HIV cure research

Unconventional approaches: Investigating a cancer drug's role in HIV eradication.

The monarch butterfly might not be as endangered as previously thought

The numbers of milkweeds and monarchs increased after the last glacial period.

Early detection test for acute myeloid leukemia risk by scientists

Multiparameter approach for predicting risk of myeloid neoplasia.

The complete sequences of multiple human Y chromosomes

Unveiling the entire sequence of a human Y chromosome.

Ancient DNA from a 2,900-year-old clay brick extracted

Revealing a time capsule of plant life.

Dual role of tumor suppressor in tissue healing: Stanford Study

Lung cancer suppression: p53 controls AT1 differentiation, Stanford study finds.

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