DNA extracted from ancient feces can provide insights into the gut environment of ancient Japanese

The samples also contained evidence of bacteria and viruses from the ancient human gut microbiome.

13 new papillomaviruses discovered in Antarctic seals

Viral finds on the frozen frontier.

Vittrup Man lived on the Scandinavian coast before moving to a farming community in Denmark

DNA, isotope, protein analysis reveal genetic ancestry and migration of a human found in a peat bog.

An analysis reveals the origin of the Indian people

50,000 years of evolutionary history of India.

Understanding the wiring of the human genome

Being able to understand which genes these mutations impact is really critical.

Unraveling the mystery of a creature that evolved eyes with a lens

The researchers lay out what factors led to this peculiar arrangement.

Noninvasive chemobrain therapy

Gamma entrainment alleviates chemo-induced cognitive decline.

Exploring the evolutionary source of genomic imprinting

RNA-mediated parent-of-origin effects driven by selfish conflict.

Gene-based diagnostics boosted by innovative test strips

Circular DNA structures hinder Cas12a activation, enabling self-catalysis in DNA/RNA sensing.

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