DNA is only one among millions of possible genetic molecules

Scientists computed a zoo of millions of alternate genetic polymer molecular structures, giving context for why biology encodes information how it does, and providing potential leads for new drugs and a guide to searches for extraterrestrial biology.

Building blocks of life may have originated in interstellar clouds

An experiment shows that one of the basic units of life­­­ — nucleobases — could have originated within giant gas clouds interspersed between the stars.

New technique to image individual proteins within synapses

Rapid imaging method could help reveal how conditions such as autism affect brain cells.

DNA is held together by hydrophobic forces

Understanding DNA's relationship with its environment.

Mixing RNA and DNA to study how life began on Earth

RNA and DNA could have appeared simultaneously instead of the widely accepted RNA World theory.

High-precision technique stores cellular ‘memory’ in DNA

Engineers program human and bacterial cells to keep a record of complex molecular events.

Key phosphorus-based molecule for life on Earth may have come from space

The study suggests that phosphorus-based molecule of extraterrestrial origin and was delivered to Earth on the Murchison meteorite.

New technique can find deletions and duplications in the human genome

Copy number variants (CNVs) are a noteworthy reason for a few genetic disorders, making their identification an essential segment of genetic analysis pipelines. Current...

Researchers store digital images inside molecular thumb drive

Scientists at Brown University have taken a step forward toward storing huge amounts of data in molecular storage systems. The study has shown that...

New method to improve match between DNA sample to a face database

While predicting what someone's face looks like based on a DNA sample remains extremely problematic, it is getting easier to filter the right face...