Ketamine effect influenced by opioid pathways, differing by sex

Sex influences opioid-mediated ketamine responses in rats.

Improving sleep and life quality for memory-impaired without medication

Using scheduled activities to help people with memory problems sleep better.

Stressful situations seen as threats harm health and wellbeing

Seeing stress as a more significant threat is linked to worse health and well-being.

Study unravels the complex relationship between brain connectivity and ADHD

New study demonstrates potential for improved prediction of ADHD symptoms in young patients.

Testosterone’s role in anxiety unveiled

Hippocampal TACR3, testosterone, and anxiety synapses.

New agent halts stress response

PROTAC tech targets stress receptors.

Could the “Feel Good” hormone explain exercise’s brain benefits?

Dopamine's role: Improved reaction time with cardio exercise.

Fast antidepressants and positive neuropsychological effects

Antidepressants swiftly alter emotional bias in rats, a new study shows.

Ibogaine treats traumatic brain injury in military vets

Magnesium-Ibogaine treatment for veterans' brain injuries.

Study identifies a wide range of risk factors for young-onset dementia

The groundwork for new prevention strategies.

Mothers who engage in baby massage report lower symptoms of postnatal depression

Examining the effectiveness and experiences of mother-led infant massage.

Body dissatisfaction linked to increased risk of depression

It may be that some public health messaging could be fostering feelings of guilt or shame.

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