Stomach-focused strategies for better mental well-being

Lactobacillus in altered flora balances IFNγ for stress resilience.

Moderate-intensity exercises may reduce postpartum depression

Effectiveness of aerobic exercise in the prevention and treatment of postpartum depression.

How does a dad’s depression or anxiety affect his kids?

Paternal mental health and child development in middle childhood.

Good physical health reduces mental medication use

Norwegian prescription database links fitness to mental health meds.

SARS-CoV-2 moves within neurons to infect the brain

Separate effects: SARS-CoV-2, neuroinvasion, and anosmia.

Key biomarker discovered for tracking depression recovery

Cingulate dynamics track depression recovery with brain stimulation.

Positive side of suppressing negative thoughts in mental health

Enhancing mental health through thought suppression training.

Healthy living prevents depression, with insights from new research

Exploring the links between lifestyle, depression, and brain mechanisms.

Inflammatory signs of teen depression vary by gender

Gender-specific inflammatory markers in adolescent depression.

Not getting enough sleep, whether in Seattle or anywhere else, can harm heart

Cardiovascular disease indicators and sleep irregularity: A Multi-Ethnic Study.

After menopause, abnormal heart rhythms are connected to stress and insomnia

About 1 in 4 women may develop irregular heart rhythms after menopause.

Is depression a predictor or risk factor for Dementia?

Depression across life stages and Dementia in Denmark.

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