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Decision making

The psychology behind sharing false political information

Researchers found evidence that the desire to raise awareness may be an important motivaton.

The time it takes to decide can predict preference

Human social preferences can be determined just by decision speed alone.

Algorithms could improve judicial decision-making, study

Discover the potential benefits of using algorithms in judicial decision-making.

Fear’s influence on decision making: A study

Women experiencing fear tended to prioritize smaller short-term gain compared to men.

Scientists identified neural circuits that balance risk vs. reward decision-making

Behind every decision, lies an intricate evaluation process.

Caffeine can adversely affect the decision-making abilities of football players

Caffeine highs and lows footballers should be aware of.

How does the brain encode lottery values?

New study reveals role of frontal and parietal cortex in economic decisions under risk in rats.

Dopamine’s impact on decision speed and precision

Dopamine and decision thresholds in male human reinforcement learning.

Scientists identified 60 unique proteins that may be critical regulators of body weight

The study explored the link between genetic regions linked to body weight and proteins expressed in the brain.

Study uncovers a brain circuit involved in opioid addiction and relapse

Breakthrough in understanding Fentanyl abuse.

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