Vitamin D supplements do not increase bone strength in children

Challenging widely held perceptions.

São Paulo State University’s biomaterials boost bone regeneration

Cobalt boosts monetites for improved bone regeneration.

Human head shape genetics uncovered in new study

GWAS reveals the intricate genetic basis of the human cranial vault shape.

Bone stem cell triggers early skull fusion

Exploring stem cell's role in craniosynostosis and calvarial mineralization.

An engineered compound prevents bone loss in space

Mice treated aboard the International Space Station showed significantly reduced bone loss.

A new study finds the possible cause of inner-ear bone loss

Activin A-producing fibroblasts cause bone destruction in cholesteatomas.

Scientists identified the genes that shape our skeletons

The work provides a road map connecting specific genes with skeletal lengths of different parts of the body.

AI can predict your future health

Machine learning automates abdominal aortic calcification Assessment.

Joints disease is common among saber-tooth cats and dire wolves in Ice Age

Study finds surprisingly high incidence of osteochondrosis in these extinct predators.

The secret of the Amazonian dark earth could help forest restoration

Amazonian dark earth facilitates the establishment of tree species in forest restoration.

Bone-like composites are created by 3D printing with bacteria-loaded ink

A method for 3D-printing an ink.

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