Sunday, May 28, 2023


The secret of the Amazonian dark earth could help forest restoration

Amazonian dark earth facilitates the establishment of tree species in forest restoration.

Speeding up bone healing in postmenopausal females

The findings could have implications for the way fractures in women are treated in the future.

Nano-coated magnesium alloys to repair bone fractures

A new approach to control the degradation and improve the bone regeneration of the AZ31 magnesium substrate, fabricated as mesh cage implants.

Lego-inspired, tiny 3D-printed bricks help repair bone fractures and soft tissue

The technology allows us to repair tissue more precisely and quickly than current standard methods.

The cause of back pain can be linked to humanity’s evolutionary past

Back pain is perhaps the single most significant contributor to disability worldwide, with over 50% of people living in developed countries experiencing it at...

These new stem cells have the ability to generate new bone

Bone remodeling and regeneration are dependent on resident stem/progenitor cells with the capability to replenish mature osteoblasts and repair the skeleton. Until now, it has...

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