World’s first blood test for real-time monitoring of cancer treatment success

The ExoSCOPE test accurately classifies disease status and determines treatment outcome within 24 hours after the start of treatment.

Drug delivery nanocapsules could reduce existing treatment’s side effects

A powerful platform for developing clot-busting nanomedicines.

Scientists identified a specific mechanism of a blood-clotting protein

The discovery could lead to new antithrombotic drugs.

Scientists unveiled the mechanism that gives rise to all blood cell types

Blood stem cell-generating mechanism revealed.

Walking inside individual cells

It could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology.

Scientists identified two antibodies that protect against influenza B virus strains

Findings point the way to developing a broad-spectrum flu drug,

A new way to manufacture human red blood cells (RBCs)

New technology cuts cell culture time by half and uses more targeted cell sorting and purification methods.

A blood-sampling robot for automated blood drawing and testing

In the first human clinical trial, an automated device performed better than people.

Scientists Discovered Four New Types Of Blood Cells

Scientists have identified new classes of cells in the human immune system.

Does Endovascular Procedure Cause Microbleeding in the Brain?

Sometimes microbleeds in the brain increase with growing age and can cause cognitive decline. Generally, people with 82+ ages who had transcatheter aortic valve...

Scientists Develop Laser from Human Blood

Nowadays, Scientists using organic materials for various novel innovations. For example, previously researchers used Jellyfish's fluorescent proteins to create a laser. Now, researchers from...

The Insulin pill can lower diabetes, blood sugar level

We know a normal sugar level is less than 100 mg/dl after not having dieted at least for 8 hours. After 2 hours of...

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