Beef and dairy nutrient boosts immune response to cancer

Trans-vaccenic acid reprograms CD8+ T Cells for anti-tumor immunity.

Novel antifungal molecule safely kills fungi

Optimizing sterol extraction for kidney-friendly polyene antifungal.

Breast milk liquid biopsy for early breast cancer diagnosis by VHIO

Early detection of breast cancer in breast milk.

Metabolic health and type 2 diabetes remission diet

DiRECT study: Metabolomic profile of weight loss and remission.

Early-stage ovarian cancer blood test developed by USC

Liquid biopsy OvaPrint™ for high-grade serous ovarian cancer risk assessment.

MRSA and superbugs face defeat with unique vaccine

Protein-free vaccine boosts innate immunity and guards against hospital infections.

Smoking during pregnancy doubles premature birth risk

Impact of smoking and caffeine on pregnancy outcomes.

Rutgers Scientists invent deadly disease detection tool

Rapid pathogen quantification: A digital assay using DNA nanoballs.

Scientists at ISTA explain how pulsing pumping can save energy

Reducing turbulence with heartbeat-inspired flow control.

Individuals who consume marijuana have high levels of metals in their blood and urine

The results indicate marijuana is a source of cadmium and lead exposure.

AI detects systolic heart failure via wearables

Detecting heart dysfunction with wearable single-lead ECG.

Gene therapy offers promise to children battling kidney disease

Gene therapy halts kidney disease in nephrotic syndrome.

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