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MIT researchers have developed a chip that leverages sub-terahertz wavelengths for object recognition, which could be combined with light-based image sensors to help steer driverless cars through fog. Image courtesy of the researchers

Giving keener electric eyesight to autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles largely depend on light-based image sensors to see through blind conditions. But those sensors often struggle in some conditions like heavy rain,...
MIT engineers have developed a new virtual-reality training system for drones that enables a vehicle to “see” a rich, virtual environment while flying in an empty physical space. Courtesy of the researchers

New virtual-reality testing ground for drones

MIT engineers have built up another virtual-reality training system called 'Flight Goggles' for drones that empowers a vehicle to "see" a rich, virtual condition...
CSAIL's NanoMap system allows drones to fly in congested environments such as forests

Programming drones to fly in the face of uncertainty

Big industrial companies have enormous thoughts for rambles that can convey bundles ideal to your entryway. Be that as it may, notwithstanding setting aside the...
New Depth Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

New Depth Sensors for Self-Driving Cars

At a scope of 2 meters, existing time-of-flight systems have a profundity determination of about a centimeter. That is sufficient for the helped to...
Apple is Working on AI Brain For Self-Driving Car Technology

Apple is Working on AI Brain For Self-Driving Car Technology

At the Apple annual developer’s conference or WWDC on June 5, Apple's CEO Tim Cook announced that they are now working on AI brain for...
Security for multirobot systems

Security for Multirobot Systems

Autonomous robots have created a major area of research in computer science era. But in the literature on multirobot systems, security has gotten relatively...