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Airbus launches longest range single-aisle airliner: the A321XLR/ Image: Airbus

Airbus reveals the world’s longest-range single-aisle jetliner

On the first day of the Paris Air Show 2019, Monday, June 17, aircraft manufacturer Airbus has unveiled designs of its new A321XLR jet....
This Fuel-efficient Flying-V aeroplane seats passengers in its wings

This fuel-efficient Flying-V airplane seats passengers in its wings

The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has teamed up to make aviation more sustainable at the IATA Annual...
Alaka'i Skai - Hydrogen powered VTOL air taxi/ Image: Alakai

Alaka’i Skai, the world’s first hydrogen-powered e-VTOL air taxi

A Hopkinton Massachusetts-based startup, Alaka'i Technologies is all set to join the group of companies developing flying cars. The company has unveiled the Skai,...
A new study shows how planes can affect clouds, boosting rainfall up to 10 times in narrow bands.

How planes can significantly boost rainfall in their path

A new study by the American Geophysical Union, the airplanes, in addition to creating pollution, also mess with clouds as they pass through or...
Developing Sensors to Defend Aircraft Against Laser Strike

Developing Sensors to Defend Aircraft Against Laser Strike

Laser strike on aircraft can be a hazard. They represent various threats to pilots, including diversion amid significant minutes in flight, brief blaze visual impairment. Although, it...