Sunday, July 3, 2022


ISRO used MOM to study solar corona

A unique opportunity to study solar dynamics.

Imbalanced forces in the Earth-moon-sun system drive circulation of the whole mantle

Tug of sun, the moon could be driving plate motions on ‘imbalanced’ Earth.

Scientists solved the mystery of comet’s green shade

The team solved this mystery with the help of a vacuum chamber, many lasers, and one powerful cosmic reaction.

Astronomers observed the most massive planet-hosting star pair to date

The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (ESO’s VLT) has captured an image of a planet orbiting b Centauri, a two-star system that can...

Middle-aged stars can experience their own kind of midlife crisis, study

Magnetic fields implicated in the mysterious midlife crisis of stars.

Astronomers discovered an ultra-short-period planet with the makeup of Mercury

The boiling new world is among the lightest exoplanets found to date.

Parker Solar Probe completes Unprecedented swing by sun

NASA's Parker Solar probe has completed swing by the Sun with an impressive and space record speed that will take under an hour to reach the moon from the Earth.

Scientists solved a 2-decades old paradox in solar physics

Opening up a new window for exploring the elusive magnetic fields of the solar chromosphere.

A long-standing mystery about the Sun solved

New solar modeling could help predict space weather.

Calibrating NASA’s images of the Sun using AI

Helping to improve the data that scientists use for solar research.

Sun’s magnetic field lines get tangled over time with sun’s rotation

Unraveling the knotty problem of the Sun’s activity.

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