Why is photosynthetic light harvesting so efficient?

The disorganized arrangement of the proteins in light-harvesting complexes.

Photosynthesis starts with a single photon, the study

A cutting-edge experiment has revealed the quantum dynamics of one of nature’s most crucial processes.

A new study reveals how phytoplankton produce oxygen

V-type AT pase boosts photosynthesis in marine phytoplankton.

Microbes could be used to predict climate change

Early distress signals can help plankton avoid a carbon tipping point.

Researchers have discovered an elusive missing step in photosynthesis’s final act

SLAC's X-ray laser has revealed the process by which oxygen is created.

Scientists use satellites to monitor the planet’s greening in the face of climate change

The new results allow to be more confident about what those changes will be.

New way to harvest electricity from succulent plants’ natural photosynthesis

Producing ‘green’ energy- literally- from living plant ‘bio-solar cells’.

Scientists decoded the previously opaque signals of photosynthesis

Plant cell communication insights could help cure cancer.

Scientists uncovered a source of oxygen hidden deep in the Earth’s crust

The first study shows the vital importance of hot temperatures in maximizing hydrogen peroxide generation.

Producing food without sunshine using artificial Photosynthesis

Developing more energy efficient food production using artificial photosynthesis on Earth which will also be possible on Mars one day.

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