Warming waters make their shells more porous

Undermining mussels’ overall health.

Up to 11 million tonnes of plastic pollution is sitting on the ocean floor

Ocean floor a 'reservoir' for plastic pollution, world-first study finds.

AI system can produce 3D maps of coral reefs

It marks a major leap forward in deep-sea exploration.

Unveiling Earth-Mars orbit connection: Deep-sea circulation and climate patterns

Giant whirlpools in warming oceans could mitigate Gulf Stream stagnation.

Caltech researchers create bionic jellyfish to explore deep sea

Robotic jellyfish explore the oceans on our behalf, reporting back what they find.

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, may not host life

Titan may not have enough amino acids for life to emerge.

Saturn’s tiny moon harbors a global ocean beneath its icy shell

One of Saturn's smallest moons, lies a secret.

The Megalodon was less mega than previously believed

Gigantic shark was slimmer than depictions in movies.

Giant predator worms, over half a billion years old, found in North Greenland

These large worms may be some of the earliest carnivorous animals.

Scientists decoded millions of mysterious pits in the ocean

For the first time how vertebrates shape the North Sea seafloor.

Climate change’s impact on microbes alters the greenhouse gases in oceans

This study can enhance our understanding of their impact on human life.

How salt from the Caribbean affect our climate?

Scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Canadian Dalhousie University, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, and...

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