Wednesday, August 10, 2022


New study offers hope for bone marrow transplant side effects

Hopefully, we could also reduce the use of toxic drugs in patients who develop GVHD.

Cell patterns within tumors could help predict the efficiency of immunotherapy

New immunotherapy insights for kidney cancer.

This regulatory RNA molecule help block a cancer-promoting gene expression

MiR-766-5p-mediated control of CBP and BRD4 blocks the formation of super-enhancers.

Observing how cancer spreads in mice

A way to study the dynamics of metastasis.

Improved breast cancer imaging with AI

The team’s AI analysis is believed to be the largest of its kind.

New immunotherapy method turns active particularly in tumor

A chemical method for targeting the effects of cancer-fighting immunotherapy drugs.

Boosting the power of immunotherapy in lung cancer

A promising potential therapy for some patients.

Brain tumor detection via simple urine or blood plasma test

The team says that a test for detecting glioma using urine is the first of its kind in the world.

Scientists developed a new promising cancer immunotherapy

Scientists engineer 'natural killer' cells that attack and destroy malignant tumor cells but leave the rest alone.

Patients with heart failure are more likely to develop cancer

Heart failure patients may benefit from cancer prevention measures.

How breast implants affect the immune system?

Implant surface topography can influence the development of scarring, inflammation, and other complications.

World’s first blood test for real-time monitoring of cancer treatment success

The ExoSCOPE test accurately classifies disease status and determines treatment outcome within 24 hours after the start of treatment.

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