Scientific Reports

Night shift survival: Ideal nap strategy for new parents and workers

The impact of short and long naps on alertness and performance: A reanalysis.

Boosting cognitive arousal and performance with everyday pleasure

Using wearable devices to control how your brain thinks by listening, tasting, and smelling.

Childhood stunting is linked with low zinc levels in soil

Growing solutions to childhood stunting.

Ancient DNA from a 2,900-year-old clay brick extracted

Revealing a time capsule of plant life.

Long spaceflights affect astronauts’ brains

Study suggests frequent space flyers wait three years for brain reset.

The energy efficiency of computers could reduce data center electricity consumption

Researchers developed a technology to reduce energy consumption of photonic chips.

The role of stem cells in customized regenerative therapy

Researchers used an intracellular toolkit to identify effective cell therapies.

Raw data demonstrates brain-like signals in learning and listening

Language Experience Shapes Speech Encoding in Convolutional Layers & the Brainstem.

Invasion success may be explained by newly sequenced hornet genomes

Scientists investigated the genomes of three types of hornets.

Soil nutrients affect the attractiveness of plants to bees from the ground up

Soil nutrition affects floral traits, pollinator attraction & cucumber fitness.

Machine learning models rank predictive risks for Alzheimer’s disease

Study suggests genetic risk outweighs age in adults over 65.

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