Nature Nanotechnology

Human trial shows safe to develop ‘wonder’ material

This revolutionary nanomaterial could be developed further without acute risk to human health.

The new technology identifies individual full-length human proteins

Researchers can identify individual, intact, full-length proteins, preserving all its information.

Innovative medicine offers a needle-free life for diabetes patients

Nano-insulin formulation reduces hypoglycemia episodes in oral therapy.

Nanorobots achieve 90% reduction in bladder tumors

Nanobots fueled by urease for bladder cancer therapy with radionuclides.

Examining membrane protein structure using molecular ”cookie cutters”

The nanoscale organization of membrane proteins in native membranes at single-molecule resolution.

Enhancing optical data storage capacity in diamonds

Optical data storage breakthrough!

A novel DNA nano-engine

The researchers are now planning to fit it with a coupling and install it as a drive in complex nanomachines.

Using ‘Origami DNA’ to control virus assembly

A way to direct the assembly of virus capsids.

A scalable ferroelectric transistor for storage and computing

A new FE-FET design that demonstrates record-breaking performances in both computing and memory.

The ‘breath’ between atoms is a key building block for quantum technology

Vibration between two layers of atoms can be used to engineer quantum technologies.

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