A new approach speeds success in achieving highly efficient thermoelectric materials

New approach to predict the realization of band convergence in a series of materials.

Finding quantum order in chaos

Harnessing chemical reactions for future applications in quantum information science.

Researchers detect electron vortices in Graphene at room temperature

The discovery could help in studying other exotic electron transport effects.

Scientists mapped a fragment of the human brain

Researchers publish largest-ever dataset of neural connections.

Physicists arrange atoms in high proximity

The technique opens possibilities for exploring exotic states of matter and building new quantum materials.

Vitamin D encourages mouse gut bacteria to improve cancer immunity

Mice given a diet rich in vitamin D had better immune resistance to experimentally transplanted cancers.

Jupiter’s Moon Io has been volcanically active for 4.5 billion years

Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active place in the solar system.

Astronomers discover evidence of star Collision that created unique Magnetic Star

A pair of stars in the Norma constellation located about 3800 light-years away from Earth have been found to be very different from each...

Scientists visualized quantum effects in electron waves

Kapitza-Dirac effect used to show temporal evolution of electron waves.

Illuminating Oxygen’s journey in the brain through a new imaging method

Scientists can now monitor changes in oxygen concentration continuously and in a wide area of the brain.

Indoor air quality standards should be introduced around the globe

Mandating indoor air quality for public buildings

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