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Dinesh C Sharma is an award-winning journalist and author with over 30 years’ experience of reporting on science, technology, innovation, medicine and environment-related issues for national and international media outlets.

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Meditation could effectively reduce migraine severity

Assessing key meditation ingredients that positively impact mood and headache factors across different meditation techniques.

Cows talk to one another, including about food and weather

First evidence of cows maintaining individual vocalisation.

Scientists are making oxygen from moon dust

ESA’s technical heart has begun to produce oxygen out of simulated moondust.

America’s most widely consumed oil causes many neurological changes

Soybean oil is the most commonly used edible oil in the United States, which could be because soybeans are some of the...

Scientists revealed the oldest known scorpion on Earth

It shows a combination of primitive marine chelicerate.

Stray dogs could understand human pointing gestures

Stray dogs have the natural ability to understand human gestures, and respond to some cues better than the others.


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Database of everyday chemicals harmful to human health

In our daily lives, we get exposed to dozens of chemicals either through products we use or consume as well as through exposure to the environment. Such chemicals are present in consumer products, pesticides and...

Scientists invented black gold- a wonder material

Indians are fascinated with gold, making India one of the largest consumers of the yellow metal globally. Now Indian scientists have tinkered with the chemistry of the material and turned it into ‘black gold’ which they say...

AI to determine Bat species believed to transmit Nipah virus to humans

Nipah, a deadly virus responsible for recent Nipah outbreak in Kerala following one that occurred in 2018, generally transmitted to human from fruits or date palm contaminated by body fluids of bats. Along with bats, domestic pigs...

BARC develops nanosilver coating that can kill bacteria

The antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles are being explored to develop new antimicrobials and to enhance the efficacy of existing antimicrobial agents. A group of Indian researchers has now developed a new method to prepare silver nanoparticle...

Indian scientists discover how serotonin helps brain cells cope with stress

Serotonin is a chemical that relays information from one part of the brain to another and is known to play a key role in a number of functions ranging from sleep to social behavior. Now Indian scientists...

New method can help predict reservoir levels three months in advance

As the mercury soars and countdown begins for the monsoon, storage levels in reservoirs keep the government and hydropower generators on tenterhooks. Now Indian scientists have found a potential solution - a new framework that can predict...

Scientists identify genetic factors responsible for infertility among Indian men

Male infertility in India is very high. It is generally due to low production and motility of sperm, abnormal shape of sperm or complete absence of it. Now a group of Indian scientists have found underlying genetic...

How dust storms are adding to pollution woes of North India

During May 2018, the national capital region and parts of North India were lashed by three strong dust storms in quick succession. In addition to widespread damage they caused to property and human life, these storms affected...