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Amit Malewar has been the technology & science writer since 2010. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology flow through in the expert coverage he provides. In addition to writing for Tech Explorist, Amit loves to read and try new things.
5D Superman Memory Crystal

5D Superman Memory Crystal: Stores data for next 13 billion years

All new kind of storage for digital data can conserve the heritage of your documents for next 13 billion years. 5D Superman Memory Crystal...
Period pain

Period pain in women like a heart attack

Every month, almost every women experience menstrual cramps. Many of the women’s and doctors have avoided it by thinking pain is something to tolerate...
Smart Skin

Smart Skin may Transform Medicine, Robotics

Researchers from Saudi Arabia have produced a new kind of multi-sensor artificial skin. This smart skin is able to sense pressure, temperature, humidity, proximity,...
Bio Hybrid kidney

Bio-Hybrid Kidney Powered by the Heart

For Kidney failure patients, transplanting human kidney is the best treatment, but donor's kidneys are in short supply. To overcome this problem, US scientists are...
Flexible Android Smartphone

Reflex: A Flexible Android Smartphone

From the University of Queen's Media Lab, Canada, Researchers have developed world's first flexible android smartphone named as 'ReFlex' by using bend sensing to...

3D mini-brains

US Researchers have cultivated small 3D mini-brains that imitate structures of human brains and could be used to study of diseases like Alzheimer's, autism,...
Power Generating Shoes

Power Generating Shoes: Charge Your Phones by Just Walking

From the University of Wisconsin-Madison (U-W Madison) in the US, Scientists have cultivated an innovative energy-harvesting technology. They have developed a Power Generating Shoes...
Contact Lenses

Polymer Film Coating Turns Contact Lenses into Computer Screens

Researchers from University of South Australia's future Industries Institute (UniSA) have created a new polymer coating material that turns contact lenses into computer displays....
Embryonic Brain Development

New NIH 3D Software Can Track Embryonic Brain Development

An Indian Scientist has expanded a new, freeware software that can track the development of embryo and development of neuronal cells all over the...