Friday, June 9, 2023

Amit Malewar

Amit Malewar is a senior writer and editor at Tech Explorist. He has been writing and editing at Tech Explorist for over six years, covering everything from science, space, robotics, and technologies that change our world. He has always been fascinated by science, technology, and the mysteries of the universe. He is a founder of Tech Explorist.
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Something wholly new-found to be hidden in Milky Way’s center

Mysterious dashes revealed in Milky Way’s center.

New theoretical research has shown that Stephen Hawking was right about black holes

Stephen Hawking was right about black holes, although not completely.

Astrophysicists confirm the existence of the faintest galaxy ever seen

The small, distant galaxy JD1 is typical of the kind that burned through hydrogen left over from the Big Bang.

Southern England was home to several different spinosaur groups more than 100 million years ago

Multiple species of semi-aquatic dinosaur may have roamed pre-historic Britain.

The great mystery of quantized vortex motion is finally solved

Explaining the interaction between quantized vortices and normal fluids.

Small fusion experiment hits temperatures hotter than the sun’s core

The researchers used an approach similar to past “supershots”.

Scientists categorized more than hundreds of Blazers

Testing a theory of supermassive black holes with 100 newly described 'blazars'.

Scientists found the world’s deepest fish

Scientists break new record after finding world's deepest fish.

Helium nuclei research improves understanding of the origin and propagation of cosmic rays

Further evidence of spectral hardening and softening of cosmic ray particles.

Black hole jet X-ray emissions fluctuate unexpectedly, questioning the dominant particle acceleration paradigm

Opening the door to reimagining how particle acceleration works in the jets.

A unique new volcano has been discovered in the Barents Sea

The volcano erupts mud, fluids and gas from the planets interior.

Astrophysicist catalogs all known planet-hosting, triple-stellar systems

Triple-stellar systems have two stars orbiting one another with a third orbiting the pair.