Amit Malewar

Amit Malewar is the Founder and CEO of Tech Explorist and Inceptive Mind. He has been writing and editing at Tech Explorist for over six years, covering everything from science, space, robotics, and technologies that change our world. He is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.
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Study offer a fresh view of new superheavy elements

The quest for the limit of the periodic table.

New way allows AI chatbots to converse all day without failing

A simple yet effective solution for a puzzling problem.

The Sun emitted X-class solar flare: a strong solar flare

SDO captured an image of the event.

Revolutionizing Web Caching: A simple method to speed cache sifting

The algorithm holds the potential to transform the management of web traffic on a large scale.

Scientists discovered one million new components of the human genome

We’ve started to chip away at the dark genome by finding nearly one million previously unknown exons.

Scientists discovered a brain area that is more important than expected

Old area in the brain preserved through evolution.

Classical computers can keep up with and surpass their quantum counterparts

Boosting speed and accuracy of traditional computing.

A new AI tool to discover realistic ‘metamaterials’ with unusual properties

This makes it possible to create devices with unprecedented functionalities.

Thermal Earring: Smart earrings can monitor a person’s temperature

The earring outperformed a smartwatch.

MIT physicists capture the first sounds of heat “sloshing” in a superfluid

The results will expand scientists’ understanding of heat flow in superconductors and neutron stars.