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Amit Malewar has been the technology & science writer since 2010. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology flow through in the expert coverage he provides. In addition to writing for Tech Explorist, Amit loves to read and try new things.
The frozen carcass of a female mammoth on display in Yokohama a few years ago.

Mammoth moves: frozen cells come to life, but only just

The 28,000-year-old remains of a woolly mammoth, named ‘Yuka’, were found in Siberian permafrost. In a new study by the team of scientists in...
Traces of Giant, 2,700-Year-Old Solar Storm Detected in Greenland Ice

Traces of giant, 2,700-year-old solar storm detected in Greenland ice

Solar storms are a variety of eruptions of mass and energy from the solar surface. Flares, prominences, sunspots, coronal mass ejections are the common...
University of Chicago and the University of Bath scientists revealed new insights about how materials cluster together in the absence of gravity. Courtesy of Melody Lim

Levitating particles could unravel how planets form

Mechanically agitated granular matter often serves as a prototype for exploring the rich physics associated with hard-sphere systems, with an effective temperature introduced by...
This LRO image shows areas of potential frost on the moon's surface. (Photo Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Scientific Visualization Studio)

NASA spotted hopping liquid water on Moon’s surface

Earth’s Moon was once assumed to be a dry and dusty place, but over time that image has changed. But the Moon isn't nearly...
Boston University mechanical engineers have created synthetic, sound-silencing structures—acoustic metamaterials—that can block 94% of sounds. Reza Ghaffarivardavagh (ENG) (front center) holds two of the open, ringlike structures over his ears while Stephan Anderson (MED) (left), Xin Zhang (ENG) (rear center), and Jacob Nikolajczyk (ENG) (right) make a racket. Photo by Cydney Scott

Engineers have created a shape that blocks all sound

We live in a loud world. Every moment of our day is likely filled with some sort of sound — some pleasant, some that...
Hyderabad scientists make magnetic graphene for Next Gen digital devices

Scientists developed magnetic graphene for next gen digital devices

The growing popularity of digital devices has spurred the need for integrated circuits that are lightweight, consume ultra-low power and are highly efficient. Technology...
Artist's impression of a Galleonosaurus dorisae herd on a riverbank in the Australian-Antarctic rift valley during the Early Cretaceous, 125 million years ago. The newly-named, dinosaur wallaby-sized herbivorous dinosaur, was identified from five fossilized upper jaws in 125-million-year-old rocks from the Cretaceous period of Victoria, southeastern Australia. Credit: Image copyright James Kuether

A new wallaby-sized dinosaur found in Australia

Scientists have recently found a new wallaby-sized herbivorous dinosaur named "Galleonosaurus dorisae", from five fossilized upper jaws in 125 million-year-old rocks from the Cretaceous...
Erupting plasma loops are seen above the surface of the sun. Plasma is the most abundant form of matter in the universe, and Rochester scientists are finding new ways to observe and create plasmas. (NASA/SDO photo)

When liquid metal turns to plasma, the physics get weird

For the first time, analysts at the University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) have figured out how to transform a liquid metal...
Close up of the the first discovered specimen of the newly described species (Atractaspis branchi or Branch's Stiletto Snake) in its natural habitat. CREDIT Mark-Oliver Roedel

New species of stiletto snake discovered in West Africa

The stiletto snakes or burrowing asps currently comprise 22 or 2 valid species. Most species are restricted to sub-Saharan Africa where they occur in...