World’s first ‘BioSolar Leaf’ to purify the air in London

‘BioSolar Leaf’ technology purifies the air through the photosynthesis of microscopic plants, removes greenhouse gases and generate breathable oxygen.


Technology is everywhere nowadays. Some might say technology, in general, hurts the environment, but some forms of tech like EVs, smart home technologies, Saving Wildlife with GPS, Solar system are really helping the environment. It is also helping the planet by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that damage the atmosphere.

And now, a British startup Arborea, in collaboration with Imperial College London Campus, is developing ‘BioSolar Leaf’ technology to improve air quality in White City.

Scientists claimed that this first-ever technology can eliminate carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen into the atmosphere more efficiently than a typical tree. It can do the work of 100 trees using the surface area of a single tree.

How the process will happen?

The system involves growing microscopic plants, such as microalgae or phytoplankton, on solar panel-like structures. It can be installed on land, buildings and other developments to improve surrounding air quality. These plants will remove the carbon dioxide from the air using the photosynthesis process, meanwhile generating the oxygen.

Along with purifying the air, the microscopic plants also produce an organic protein that Arborea extracts and uses to create plant-based food products.

In short, ‘BioSolar Leaf’ technology will not only help to fight with the greenhouse gases or carbon emission but also address hunger in the process.

This pilot plant will produce sustainable healthy food additives while purifying the air, producing oxygen, and removing carbon dioxide from the surrounding environment,” Arborea CEO Julian Melchiorri said in a news release. “It will provide the opportunity to fully harness Arborea’s BioSolar Leaf dual action in real operating conditions and help to unlock the technology’s full potential.

Prof Neil Alford of Imperial College said, “Air pollution is one of London’s most urgent challenges. Through our White City masterplan, we are bringing forward sustainable solutions that have the potential to improve environmental outcomes in west London, throughout the UK, and across the world.


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