Air pollution

Indoor air quality standards should be introduced around the globe

Mandating indoor air quality for public buildings

Several air contaminants are linked to children’s asthma symptoms

It’s not just one pollutant that can be linked to asthma outcomes.

Air pollution can cause more signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain

PM2.5 Exposure linked to Alzheimer's Disease pathology in brain donors.

New methane cleaner could become a permanent fixture in cattle and pig barns

The result gets us closer to being able to remove greenhouse gases from livestock housing.

Live Christmas trees impact indoor air chemistry

Live Christmas trees release chemicals called VOCs.

Air pollution, breast cancer risk, and the need for political action

Addressing air pollution and breast cancer risk: The political imperative.

Lab-on-a-drone system detects and measures air pollutants in real-time

The detection device also transmits its results via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

We could be breathing in toxic substances from cooking and cleaning for longer

Surfactants can cause toxic chemicals in aerosols to last longer in the air.

Black Americans may face relatively accelerated biological aging due to lower socioeconomic status

Eliminating the racial gaps in education, income, and wealth would alleviate weathering.

Long-term exposure to particulate matter linked to increased hospital procedures

Long term exposure to PM2.5 pollution associated with three hospital tests.

Air pollution could worsen if nuclear power is shut down

Polluting energy sources that fill the gap could cause more than 5,000 premature deaths.

Almost nowhere on earth is safe

World first study into global daily air pollution shows almost nowhere on earth is safe.

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