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Genetically derived Mosquitoes help in slow down the growth of spreading Malaria

Scientists put together the mosquitoes that can’t spread malaria.

Men taking testosterone therapy are at no greater risk of heart attack

The testosterone replacement therapy appears safe for use.

Singing techniques can improve the quality of life and breathlessness after COVID-19

Arts-in-health interventions can be effective tools for carefully selected participants.

Study revealed how robber flies balance between avoiding obstacles

These small predatory insects actually combine two navigation systems to steer themselves mid-flight.

How a virus transforms immune cells into cancer?

An international team has mapped how the HTLV-1 virus causes rare leukemia in some people.

Four-stranded DNA structures play a key role in rare aging disease

The results show something that scientists thought was impossible to form within cells.

Bioengineers discovered new mechanism driving the growth of heart valves

New way heart valves grow – and go wrong.

Improving lab-on-chip at-home diagnostic tests with graphene

A way for high-performance lab-on-chip chemical sensing systems against infectious diseases.

Fasting during Ramadan is safe and may lower blood pressure temporarily

The reductions in blood pressure are a result of a metabolic change.

New rehab device helps stroke survivors increase arm exercises

Enabling stroke survivors with arm disabilities to do more training.

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