Yale University

AI streamlines severe heart valve disease diagnosis

Detecting severe aortic stenosis through echocardiography with deep learning.

AI detects systolic heart failure via wearables

Detecting heart dysfunction with wearable single-lead ECG.

An inhalable COVID vaccine that successfully protects against the virus

A study shows that a shot is not necessary for providing protection.

Immunotherapy’s promise for penile cancer treatment

Immunotherapy for advanced penile cancer: Global report.

Survivors of low-risk cancer are more likely to die of noncancer causes

Early detection and treatment of cancer have improved long-term survival.

New classification method for HPV-associated head and neck cancers

HNSCC cases linked to HPV+ increase significantly.

New hope for patients with resistant lung cancer

Understanding the mechanism: BAF complexes and resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

New insights into how the immune system fights cancer

Autologous PDX models provide new insights into tumor-immune interactions.

Endometriosis patients are also genetically predisposed to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders

Study finds more of a relationship than previously acknowledged.

Untangling the problem of animating tightly curled hair

Animating tightly curled hair is a difficult task.

Mystery solved: Why do certain metallic meteorites show traces of a magnetic field?

Collisions between asteroids might lead to the formation of metal asteroids.

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