Yale University

What makes a memory?

It may be related to how hard your brain had to work.

Understanding the wiring of the human genome

Being able to understand which genes these mutations impact is really critical.

How insects tell sugars apart?

The sweet stuff.

Touch detection’s bicellular mechanism

Exploring the complication of Meissner's corpuscles and lamellar cells in touch sensation.

Fast-acting molecule boosts white blood cell counts briefly

Endocrine stress response: Small molecule mobilizes leukocytes.

New insights into the properties of metallic glasses

Solving mysteries of metallic glass at the nanoscale.

Different species may rely on the same neural network formation

Fly brain, mouse brain, worm brain: They all network the same.

Epilepsy drug helps slow down joint damage in osteoarthritis

Few sodium channels on cells impact joint damage.

Examining membrane protein structure using molecular ”cookie cutters”

The nanoscale organization of membrane proteins in native membranes at single-molecule resolution.

Trauma memories spark unique brain activity, study finds

PTSD study reveals neural distinctions between traumatic and sad memories.

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