Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Yale University

Scientists found mechanism to promote the growth of good bacteria in human gut

Good bacteria colonize the gut, leading to new probiotic therapies.

New insights into how insects communicate

Newly identified tsetse fly pheromone may help in curbing disease spread.

Scientists developed the first chip-scale titanium-doped sapphire laser

It provides the widest gain spectrum yet seen on a chip.

A new theory to explain some of the geochemistry of “hotspots”

A geochemical journey from the center of the Earth.

Scientists identified a potential target for high blood pressure control

A therapeutic target for high blood pressure control.

An on-chip photon-counting device to advance quantum technology

The first realization of an on-chip photon-number-resolving (PNR) detector.

Scientists found an enzyme in the brain that is a significant regulator of body weight

This enzyme in the brain is a ‘metastat’ for body weight.

What makes the human brain different?

And what makes us human may also makes us susceptible to neuropsychiatric diseases.

New method to measure the fragility of liquid

The study makes the physics of glass formation clearer.

Scientists image brain drainage in mice and humans

The Brain’s drainage system in 3 dimensions.

Another byproduct of aging: Hypermutations in the brain

This is the first large-scale study of somatic mutations in human brains.

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