University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

Smart and advanced materials for future generations of soft medical microrobots

Plant-based materials give life to tiny soft robots that can potentially conduct medical procedures.

A method for better 3D modeling of complex cancers

Scientists combining bioprinting with synthetic chips to understand tumors in 3D.

Harvest fresh water with innovative technologies & nature inspiration

Researcher finds inspiration from spider webs and beetles to harvest fresh water from thin air.

How secure are voice authentication systems?

Attackers can break voice authentication with up to 99 per cent success within six tries.

Why do some people get motion-sick playing VR games?

This knowledge could be invaluable for developers and designers of VR experiences.

The impact of time of day and gender on blood pressure medication efficacy

A mathematical model to understand diuretic effectiveness.

A new type of programmable smart fabric reacts to electricity and temperature

It is the first ever to respond to two different stimuli.

How the body regulates potassium?

The mathematical model conceptualizes the relationship between kidneys and muscles.

Seaweed molecules to improve outcomes for bypass surgery

The new approach is especially important in cases involving small artificial blood vessels.

Scientists discovered a river longer than Thames beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

An unexpected river under the Antarctic ice sheet affects the flow and melting of ice.

Anxiety disorders had no effect on vaccine hesitancy

These findings help shed light on the best way for the government to promote vaccination.

Better understanding the impacts of pregnancy on kidneys

Computational models reveal the effects of pregnancy on kidneys.

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